Welcome to Elm Fork Ranch!


Elm Fork Ranch, located in northern Denton County, Texas is comprised of 130 acres of river bottom and grassland. Purchased in 1993, Ken and Jan Dickson have evolved their farming activities concentrating on healthy land and healthy animals. In addition to Elm Fork Ranch, the Dickson’s own 242 acres in Jack County, Texas, where cattle can graze on native grasses untouched by conventional ranching methods.

The Dickson’s keep about 15 head of Angus cows, raising about 13 – 15 calves each year. The herd is “closed” meaning we raise our own replacement cows, and do not buy from unknown sources through the markets. Cattle on Elm Fork Ranch are provided a stress-free life that translates into healthier cattle and beef! We raise our own hay to supplement winter forage. Our cattle are not given any growth hormones or antibiotics.  After weaning, calves are raised on a diet of grass until processing weight.

In June 2019 Elm Fork Ranch partnered with Voelkel-Fette Farm to increase capacity to provide grass-fed beef to the North Texas region. Check out the Partners page to read about the exciting developments with Voelkel-Fette Farm.