Elm Fork Ranch Partners

Voelkel-Fette Farm

Eugene Voelkel wanted to get his grandson Ben Fette into farming, but Ben lived too far away. So, Eugene sold his farm in Central Texas and bought one in North Texas to involved Ben, his daughter Claudette, and son-in-law Dan Fette. Now, the Voelkel-Fette farm is proudly ready to sell its first crop of grass-fed beef. In addition to providing delicious beef, the farm is committed to multi-facted environmental stewardship.


The farm recently contracted with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) on a soil conservation project. Electric cross fencing will divide their 100 acres into 2 acre paddocks. Cows will move paddock to paddock every couple of days, returning to the first when the grass recovers sufficiently to repeat the rotation again. Benefit for the NRCS is an increase in the soil’s organic matter. For each 1% increase in soil organic matter there results a 20,000 gallon per acre increase in the soil’s water holding capacity. More infiltration means less soil erosion. Benefits for the farm are well-fed animals, reduced impact from flies and parasites, better utilization of the forage, and improved soil fertility. Benefits for our customers are grass-fed beef from happy, healthy cows, and peace of mind.


Voelkel-Fette Farm is excited to partner with Elm Fork Ranch providing grass-fed beef to the North Texas area.