Prices – Whole and Half Beef



Whole/Half Beef Cost Estimate – 2023 Prices


Here’s a quick calculation using a whole beef purchase and a half beef purchase:  If the beef being processed weighs 1,000 lbs live weight*, it will yield approximately 600 lbs hanging weight (60% of live weight).    A 600-pound hanging carcass yields approximately 65% of its weight into packaged meat or 390 lbs for the freezer.  


    Cost of Whole Beef Cost of Half Beef
Paid to Elm Fork Ranch 600 x $3.35 $2,010.00 $1,005.00
Paid to Processor 600 x $1.10** 660.00 330.00
Paid to Processor – Processing fee $85/beef 85.00 77.50
Total Cost to Customer   $2,755.00 $1,412.50
Price per lb. packaged meat $2,755/ 390 (whole) $1,412.50/ 195 (half) $7.06/lb $7.24/lb


This figures out to be an average cost of $7.04/$7.24 per pound for tenderloin to lean ground beef. 


* Elm Fork Ranch prefers to process calves when they are between 900 – 1100 lbs.   1,000 lbs is used in this example as an easy NRN (nice round number) 

**Processing costs at Bluebonnet Meat are currently $1.10 lb based hanging weight. Incidental costs apply – see for detailed pricing.