Prices – Packaged Beef

Packaged meat is available from Elm Fork Ranch. Selection of cuts vary according to demand.  Our prices increased about 6% from 2022.  Here is the current price for packaged meat.

Inventory and Price List, as of 04/18/2023

Roasts Description Price
Chuck Roast 2-3 lbs ea, very moist, great for pot roast or sliced lunchmeat 6.35/lb.
Arm Roast 2-3 lbs ea, more connective tissue, very moist, great for pot roast recipes 6.35/lb.
Rump Roast 2-3 lbs, great for slicing, less connective tissue than chuck/arm 6.35/lb.
Eye of Round 2-3 lbs ea, great thin-sliced for roast or stir-fry, cubed for stew or stroganoff 7.45/lb.
Brisket 3-5 lbs, lean, fat trimmed – great for slow cooking in oven or smoker 6.45/lb.
Tenderloin Filets 1-1/4” thick, our primo cut, avg. 5-7 oz., pkg. 2 per package 21.45/lb.
NY Strip 1-1/4” thick, boneless, the big side of a t-bone 13.60/lb.
Rib-Eye 1-1/4” thick, boneless, about 1 lb, great on the grill! 13.00/lb.
Sirloin 1-1/4” thick, large, 1.5-2 lbs, Boneless, feeds a crowd! 10.85/lb.
Loin Tip Steak tenderized, perfect for chicken fried or smothered steak 8.25/lb.
Skirt Steak Perfect for fajitas! 8.75/lb.
Other Cuts
Shank Steak Slow-cooking favorite for stews 5.45/lb.
Short Ribs 2-3 lbs ea, great for slow cooking in crock pot, grill, or oven 5.30/lb.
Ground Beef 1 lb packages – lean, the best you’ll ever taste 6.35/lb.
Stew Meat 1 lb packages 7.15/lb.
Liver/Organ Meats 1 lb packages 4.25/lb.
Soup Bones-Meaty 2-5 bone packages 4.00/lb.